1st Logo (2014-2022)

RS logo 1

Nickname: The Roadside Attraction Sign

Logo: We see a windy purple night sky and a faint view of a fair sign that has two stage lights illuminating it. This turns out to be a reflection on a white 50s-style car, and the car's headlights are on. We then turn to the sign, which ends up being the Roadside Attractions logo. On the logo, the letters 'R', 'O', 'A', 'D', 'S', 'I', 'D', and 'E' are in red on white pieces of cloth in a handwritten font, and the 'Attractions' part of the logo is a yellow spiral arrow with 'Attractions' written in a retro blue font. The stage lights turn off, and the logo fades out.

Variant: On the teaser trailer for Branded, the logo is short and in black and white.

FX/SFX: The camera turning towards the logo.

Cheesy Factor: Although this logo has very good CGI for 2014, it's a bit outdated now.

Music/Sounds: A brief reverse violin loop followed by a calm country tune. Sometimes, it's silent.

Availability: Uncommon. It appears on some relatively well-known independent films, such as I.O.U.S.A. and the 2005 version of Lassie. It first appeared on Super Size Me and was last seen on Albert Nobbs.

Scare Factor: None. This is a professional logo, nothing to worry about here.

2nd Logo (2022-)

Roadsideattractions 09
New official Roadside Attractions animated logo

New official Roadside Attractions animated logo

Nickname: The Roadside Attraction Sign 2

Logo: We see a blurred view of a city through the window of a moving bus at nighttime. Then we move forward on a road, with the city still ahead and a roadsign standing in the distance, illuminated by four searchlights below it and four on the ground. Through it has the same design as before, it is now red and more elaborate. We move toward the sign, slowly panning around it, while the searchlights move back and forth.

Variant: On some films, the logo is shortened to its last few seconds.

FX/SFX: The camera turning towards the logo and the searchlights moving.

Music/Sounds: A majestic fanfare.

Availability: First appeared on the trailer for Tonight You're Mine (aka You Instead) and seen on all films following it. The short version can be seen on Friends with Kids.

Scare Factor: None. It's much better than the first logo.

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