Revolution 01

Nickname: The Gyroscope

Logo: On a blue cloudy background, curved metal bars fly by. As it zooms out, it's revealed to be a gyroscope. During the zoom, there are flashes of light. "REVOLUTION" flashes in in front of the gyroscope. As the logo rests in its position, "STUDIOS" flashes in under "REVOLUTION". The letters shine and the globe shimmers.


  1. After the end credits of Punch-Drunk Love, there is a montage which has shortened versions of this and the New Line Cinema logo.
  2. There is also a short version based on the last second of the logo.
  3. A still version can be seen on Hellboy Animated.
  4. On some movies such as Radio and Little Man, The logo looks sped up at the beginning, when STUDIOS flashes under, the logo fades out.

FX/SFX: The globe, the flashes of light, the zoom-out. All great effects.

Music/Sounds: As the bars fly by, there are whooshing sounds. It usually doesn't have music or uses the beginning of the movie's theme, all with the whooshes. It did use an orchestrated theme a few times, though. In some movies, there are no whooshes.

Availability: Common. It's seen on films from Revolution Studios such as Click, Darkness Falls, 13 Going on 30, Little Man, and The Benchwarmers. The shortened version appears on the series Are We There Yet? on TBS and local syndication and Anger Management: The Series on FX. The version with the orchestrated fanfare appears on Jet Li's The One, America's Sweethearts and Tomcats. Also appears on post-2014 non-US prints of the Morgan Creek films such as the infamous Battlefield Earth.

Scare Factor: Minimal bordering on low for those who can't stand whooshes, but this is a great logo.

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