1994-2015 Edit

Regency 02

Nicknames: Northern Lights, R2, The Haze, Renegade R, The Powerade Logo, S in Reverse

Logo: Over a black background, a light draws a stylized "R". As we pan out, the glowing from the "R" stops, and "REGENCY" turns towards us under the "R". The logo shines.

Variant: Starting with 12 Years a Slave, the logo has an enhanced look where the light is purple, and the "R" and "REGENCY" text are a lighter shade of blue.

FX/SFX: The light effects. Good animation.

Music/Sounds: Originally it was silent, but starting with Bogus in 1996, a mystical orchestral tune with a flute is heard. The music was composed and written by Danny Elfman, and is a truncated sample of the main title theme from the 1993 film Sommersby, which was a Regency production. There is also a faint whoosh as the "R" is drawn, as well as some cymbal crashes as the logo shines.

Availability: Common. It's seen on any film produced by Regency from 1994 to 2015. Also appeared on licensed videogames, such as Fight Club. This logo first appeared on The Client, and made its final appearance on The Revenant.

Editor's Note: None.

2016-present Edit

Regency logo 2016

Nicknames: R2 II, The Powerade Logo 2, Silver R, S in Reverse 2

Logo: We see the top of the R forming and it zooms down showing both the rest of the top and the bottom form and the logo zooms out to show the R, similar to the last logo, but silver color fills in, and on an aquamarine background, the text "REGENСY" in Blair appears from right to left in the same color.

FX/SFX: Amazing CGI!

Music/Sounds: Like before, originally none or the opening theme of the movie, but starting with Little Women (2019), the fanfare from the previous logo is heard.

Availability: First appeared on the trailer for the film adaptation of Assassin's Creed. The fully animated version debuted on Rules Don't Apply.

Editor's Note: A great update to the previous logo, which pairs even better with the 1996 theme.

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