2006-2012 Edit

Nickname: The Label

Logo: We start on a black background, before the camera suddenly moves to a white wall with a black embossing label with "PARAMOUNT" on it in white sticking to it. The camera moves a bit erratically and goes in and out of focus several times. Below it, another label is being made letter-by-letter, with "VANTAGE" on it. The label then sticks onto the wall and we see that one of its corners is bent. The corner is then pushed down by itself, and we suddenly cut to black.

Variant: In some trailers, the logo is still on a black background.

FX/SFX: The labels being made, the camera's movement and focusing. This seems to be made either with CGI, live-action, or both.

Music/Sounds: Several clicking noises as the label is made.

Availability: Common, it made its first appearance on Babel, and made its last appearance on Not Fade Away. This logo was not seen on Nebraska, since that film used a time-appropriate Paramount Pictures logo instead.

Scare Factor: Low.

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