Palace Pictures logo

Logo: In a nighttime environment, we see a palace with the sign "PALACE PICTURES" in front of it, emitting a large light. As the light dies down, we see that the palace has a bit of a purplish colour to it. Then, the pillars near the palace begin to glow yellow as the palace loses its purple colour in favour of a balanced tone, as a shooting star streaks behind it. Then, the text "PRESENTS", in a curly font, glows onto the palace and dies down. As it fully appears, the rest of the palace fades out and becomes a silhouette.

FX/SFX: The shooting star and the glowing effects.

Music/Sounds: A humming sound, followed by a whirring 3-note synth theme with a whoosh as the shooting star appears.

Availability: Seen on tapes and movies released by the company, mostly after the Palace Video "OR ELSE!" warning. It is seen before and after trailers (and promos), including the trailer for High Spirits, which can be found on the film's DVD release.

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