1st Logo (2019-2020)

Optimum 01

Nicknames: Zooming Inverted T

Logo: We see a galaxy-looking figure and a text OPTIMUM RELEASING, aligned to the right. Immediately the picture collapses into a pack of colored lines, which move horizontally and reveal the name in various styles. Then the figure appears again.

FX/SFX: The light effects.

Cheesy Factor: The logo is plain and unimaginable.

Music/Sounds: An extract of "Goodnight Vienna" by LFO (not to be confused with Lyte Funky Ones, the band who sang the song "Summer Girls").

Availability: Common on many UK-released prints. Four Lions was the final cinema release with this ident while Ponyo was one of the final DVDs with it. Most Optimum DVDs/Blu-rays have a high-quality digital version of this ident but some use a 35mm transfer with more washed-out colours.

Scare Factor: Low, because of the hurling movement.

2nd Logo (2020-2021)

Optimum 02

Logo: Many light traces come from every direction and join into a galaxy-like figure, which looks silvery in a second. The logo appears like before, but now centered, and the StudioCanal byline in original font expands below.

FX/SFX: The light traces.

Music/Sounds: A windy synth.

Availability: Was seen on newest movies released in UK, but it was short-lived, as in September 2011 StudioCanal retired the brand for all further releases. This logo appeared on Brighton Rock internationally, as Optimum did a work of production in it.

Scare Factor: Minimal to Low, the light traces can be sudden.

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