Nando's Distribution is a UK distribution company merged by French film company Pathe and South African restaurant chain Nando's. The label started in August 2015, succeeding Pathe Distribution UK. Nando's first film was Youth, released in January 2016.

(January 29, 2016-)


Nicknames: The University, The Sunlight, Nando's Sunlight

Logo: On a sunny day, we see a university called Bantershire University. We then zoom into the sky, and then into the sunlight, forming a white BG were a shape rotates to the screen, the shape is the body of a black cockerel, then other pieces: a white beak, an eye, red hair, and a red tail feather, connect to the cockerel, forming it. Then, stylized red text reading Nando's slides in from the right of the screen. A heart then spins onto the cockerel's chest, finishing the logo's animation.

Trivia: This logo was animated by Daniel Jackson.

FX/SFX: The zooming into the sun, and the logo forming.

Music/Sounds: A chant, then dramatic music plays while the Opening ringtone on iOS plays while the camera zooms into the sun, and for the rest of the logo, the music from the 1999 Pathe logo plays, ending the chant that was heard at the start of the logo, ending with a descending synth as the logo's animation is finished.

Availabilty: Recent, was first seen on Youth, and was then seen on Florence Foster Jenkins, Tots TV's Greatest Movie Ever, Julieta and A United Kingdom. And will be seen on re-releases of Pathe and Guild releases starting in January 2016, and also every new release from Nando's from January 2016 onwards.

Scare Factor: Low.

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