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Destination 01.jpg

Nicknames: Destination Space, The Revolution, Abstract Ring, The Eclipse

Logo: On a black background with gold haze, we see a planet (presumably the Earth) orbiting around the sun. When the earth comes close to the sun, shadows of the letters "I", "T", "N", "I", "T", and "N" fade in and crowd around the sun and planet. The planet moves into the sun, and the letters, which are now "DESTINATION" in Trajan Pro font, move in. A bright flash occurs, and on a black background, we see the Destination logo, which is two halves of a circle split up by a line. The line has a crescent on one side and a sun on the other. The logo then shines.

FX/SFX: Everything in CGI, which is not bad for 1999.

Music/Sounds: An extended whoosh accompanied by a synth choir. Sometimes it is silent, like on Full Contact. On one film, it had the Screen Gems Pictures music, possibly due to an editing error or cheap plastering, but it actually fits the logo.

Availability: Very common. It appears on several films Destination released, such as Bats, Drowning Mona, Thomas and the Magic Railroad, Metropolis, Buying the Cow, Steamboy, Tokyo Godfathers, MirrorMask, and most recently, Tekkonkinkurito. Also, includes both theatrical and direct to DVDs releases.

Scare Factor: Low to medium because of the music, the ominous nature of the logo, and the in-your-face animation. However, this logo is well-liked and is very professional. Minimal to low with the Screen Gems music.