2012-present Edit

Annapurna Pictures logo 2012

Logo: On a static-filled black screen (looks like they caught on VHS tape), a large white "A" is slowly wiped in from top to bottom (similar to the 1985-2006 Walt Disney Pictures logo), while surrounded by a bright glow that renders the "A" barely visible. The words "ANNAPURNA" and "PICTURES" are then wiped in below, with the former stacked on top of the latter, and the glow dissipates, leaving the finished logo. The screen then gets static-filled again and the logo disintegrates.

FX/SFX: The static, the "A" and the words wiping in, the logo disintegrating.

Music/Sounds: Originally, none, or the opening theme. But, sometimes, it has a deep, creepy note.

Availability: Seen on most films from the company, starting with Lawless.

Editor's Note: The use of VHS and static effects make this a unique logo.

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