Anchorbay 07

Logo: In a stormy part of the sea, we move along a waving sail from various sides, then release and zoom out to see a boat sailing on a calm sea surface, all in blue. The sun is on horizontally. The picture turns into the Anchor Bay logo which resembles an "A" in white and dark blue and 3D-folded, and a lens flare runs over its side. Below, there are the words: ANCHOR BAY FILMS with the Starz byline underneath.

Variant: Some films feature a more bluish "A" and the company name tinted yellow.

FX/SFX: The sail and the light blink. Almost the same as the 2009-2016 Anchor Bay Entertainment logo, only with the "A" having a more 3D effect.

Music/Sounds: Sail weaving sounds, sometimes with a voice-over. None for the still version.

Availability: Common. Seen on Beyond a Reasonable Doubt and other films produced by the company.

Scare Factor: Minimal.

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