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A24 01

Logo: On a retro-style black background, a white stripe flies down diagonally with colorful shadows. This is followed by a horizontal stripe and a vertical stripe, both of which fly in next to the diagonal one. A circle and a semicircle slide out on top of the horizontal stripe, and several thin lines fly and drawn in near the shapes, forming the text "A24". The logo remains on-screen before folding away.


  1. There was a prototype variant of this logo where the animation is much different--it eventually went unused. The logo begins on a shaky black screen for a few moments before several shapes flash on the screen in multiple colors in timing with the 3-note melody and then quickly back away in white. The shapes float for a moment before they fold out, revealing that they are "A24", before breaking apart in the style of the movie logo's formation.
  2. On The Spectacular Now, the logo is darker.

FX/SFX: The sliding of the shapes, the background.

Music/Sounds: A bassy synth bed--the "basses" being provided by acoustic violins. This was only used on the Vimeo version, as films with this logo use no sound instead. The rejected prototype featured a 8-bit chiptune theme, accompanied by some sliding and clicking sounds.

Availability: Seen on all films from the company starting with A Glimpse in the Mind of Charles Swan III.

Editor's Note: This is an interesting logo to go with A24's amazing filmography.

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